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Senior Plus proslava 10 godina

Celebration of the anniversary 10 years!!!!!!!

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Nursing home - Belgrade "Senior Plus"


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Gerontology Centers, part of the gerontology institutional care is located near Belgrade.
Senior Plus is social institution for medical care. Nursing home “Senior Plus” is licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health.

Expertise and equipment

Senior Plus has professional staff special trained to provide medical care to persons with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The nursing home “SENIOR PLUS” is fully equipped with all wheelchair aids and physical therapy services providing by a qualified person.

Social Life in the nursing home “SENIOR PLUS” is very various.
Nursing home "SENIOR PLUS" for the elderly offers the possibility of appropriate transportation in the country and from abroad.

Lipovački put 13
066/ 88 321 88

Unique community of elderly people - Nursing home

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Meals in nursing home “SENIOR PLUS”

It the nursing home, “SENIOR PLUS” nutritionists organize, make menu and keep the nutrition under control and cooks regularly prepare three meals and two snacks.

  • Traditional cuisine with 5 meals
  • The program for diabetics.
  • Possibility of preparing meals on request.
  • Program for vegetarians
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