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Senior Plus proslava 10 godina

Celebration of the anniversary 10 years!!!!!!!

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Nursing home - Belgrade "Senior Plus"


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Gerontology Centers, part of the gerontology institutional care is located near Belgrade.
Senior Plus is social institution for medical care. Nursing home “Senior Plus” is licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health.

Expertise and equipment

Senior Plus has professional staff special trained to provide medical care to persons with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The nursing home “SENIOR PLUS” is fully equipped with all wheelchair aids and physical therapy services providing by a qualified person.

Social Life in the nursing home “SENIOR PLUS” is very various.
Nursing home "SENIOR PLUS" for the elderly offers the possibility of appropriate transportation in the country and from abroad.

Lipovački put 13
066/ 88 321 88

Unique community of elderly people - Nursing home

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The nursing home for the elderly and disabled people "SENIOR PLUS" is placed in a beautiful suburb of the Belgrade, known as Lipovica - the Lipovačka forest, 13km from the downtown.

We started with the idea to build a nursing home that will be comfortable, warm and safe for our users. Our long experience in this business, which was acquired in Germany, has helped us to succeed in that intention. Our users are satisfied and happy, their recommendations, and recommendations of their loved ones make us happy and show that we are the right way. As a result it shows up a need to expand capacity and it has opened recently a new nursing home "SENIOR PLUS 2 ".

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staracki domAll users of our services have 24-hour supervision and appropriate care providing by professional nurses, as well as an doctor internist-cardiologist. Every day is making an analysis of vital functions, ECG when it is necessary, regular treatment, oral and all other forms of therapy requested by doctors.

A physiotherapist is provides also physiotherapy treatments to those patients who need physical therapy, for faster recovering and independent movement for example. After hip fractures, stroke...

Social life's been organized by the social worker who is present every day in order to protect the rights of users, and to make more beautiful  their daily lives through creative workshops, excursions and socializing.

Professional medical staff, working in our nursing home, has a great clinic experience especially in a work with a dementia persons and persons with Alzheimer's disease.

To provide complete healthy care and medical service we have made consultative department with eminent experts in the various medical field: psychiatry, neurology, orthopedics and other specialties.

Nursing home " Senior Plus" has participated in the first fair of Social Care, held on 10th February 2011 in Belgrade

sajam socijalne zastite sajam socijalne zastite sajam socijalne zastite
sajam socijalne zastite sajam socijalne zastite sajam socijalne zastite

Team activities

Lecture about dementia in cooperation with the municipality of New Belgrade

Predavanje o demenciji Predavanje o demenciji Predavanje o demenciji

From seminars

seminar seminar seminar

Lectures about dementia in the living room in the Crown 59

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Institution for social and medical care "Senior Plus" participated with their representatives on July, 4th 2012 at the conference in the "Media Center" held with the special occasion: the signing of the Memorandum of cooperation that will enable management of vulnerable persons.

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